Monday, October 20, 2008

Edible Wedding Favors to Enjoy!

I was helping a friend of mine over the weekend choose some wedding favors and, bridesmaids gifts for her wedding this December. I was thrilled when I came across these cute little packages of winter muffin mixes that guests will surely enjoy!
What a neat little idea for guests! They can take these home and enjoy nice warm muffins after the long day at the wedding! The enjoyment of the day can be topped off with a delicious snack!

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Erika said...

Those are so cute! These seem like they'd be easy to make from scratch, too, in order to make them cheaper.

You could assemble the dry ingredients in a plastic bag and place them in a plain white paper bag.

Then, put a personalized wine label on it (like the ones from and you've got a cheap personalized wedding favor people will adore!