Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Your Company Exhibit Can Change Everything

The company I work for goes to a lot of career conferences, and I am in charge of setting up and coordinating our site at the conferences. We have been setting up with average set ups that the company has had for a while, and it just wasn't attracting enough targeted people. I thought I would look for something bigger and better. I found the best company that would help with our exhibit company showing. I couldn't believe the things they were doing for our exhibit. They pay attention the the smallest details, and really make us stand out according to our companies specifics and needs. It really made me feel better when I didn't have to stress about the set up and could focus on other important things. It may have cost us some money to have the help but in the end we made more money than in other years because of how many people came over to the company exhibit. Everyone in the company was so excited this year and because of how well everything was going people were working that much harder. It's amazing how one thing can change everyone's attitude.

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