Friday, February 24, 2012

Awesome Blueprint Racks

We received these new blueprint racks in our office last week, and I am really liking them. It's like looking through a filing cabinet, but it's keeps everything safe and organized. It's easy to use and I love the fact that it is on rollers. It's easy to move around from place to place and it doesn't have to stay in one spot.

Sometimes in my office, I get tired of where my desk is and I like to rearrange all the time. This is great to use and I love it. It's made it so much easier for me to find something, along with not worrying about if I loose it, or spill or ruin it. I'm almost debating on whether or not to get one for my home. That way I can put away important papers or just random stuff that I need. I love the racks and even the holder that one of my workers has.

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