Friday, August 1, 2008

Good Enough for Me!

What would you say was the most important accessory you use for your baby? Besides the diapers, bottles and, Binky's? I'm talking the items you use to haul your precious cargo around in? I would have to say I would choose one of those Bugaboo strollers! These are the ultimate when it comes to strollers! Just ask all the A-list celebs out there! From Matt Damon to Claudia Schiffer! They've been photographed hauling their kids around town in these super trendy strollers! So, hey if these strollers are good enough for them and, their kids's, their good enough for me baby!


Amanda said...

Babies need so much for the simplest outing. I know in my experience when I go to the theme park, which I do quite frequently because it's local I see people hauling things around in wagons and strollers for their kids and babies alike. We're only born with two hands now although sometimes we probably could use about 10. I really like when the kids use children's backpacks and carry an item or two themselves so that they feel like they're helping out and all proud of themselves. It's precious.

Debbie said...

I think the accesory I used the most would be the baby sling we bought our son.In his first months of life I would have not been able to do anything if it wasn't for the sling.

Kenbox said...

What exactly is a bugaboo stroller? Is it a brand name or a style of stroller or what? I guess I should go to and find out!